Wake Me Up When It's Gold Again
Single-channel video
7 minutes 19 seconds

The story starts off as a sci-fi narrative which freezes humans in a cryogenic container to preserve our civilization in the time of apocalypse with the hope of encountering new civilization many years after on earth. The narration quickly transforms into multiple voices narrating short letters to their friends discussing their feelings and hopes before going into the cryogenic containers. The images follow various people engaged in diverse absurd human activities including swimming as sharks, hitting a pizza piñata, and flushing nasal passages with a Neti Pot. The piece reflects the difficult summer of 2016 where waves of terror and police shootings dominated our news while the US presidential election was veering into strange territory.

Jennifer Calivas
Winslow Funaki
Baris Gokturk
Josh Graupera
Julia Haft-Candell
Amanda Horowitz
Autumn Knight
Dana Lok
Josefina Malmegard
Melanie McLain
Isadora Vaughan
Yoav Weinfeld

Lindsay Burke
Jackie Feng
Ian Gerson
Jonah King
Bryan Martello
Omar Mismar
Bridget Mullen
Keisha Scarville
Matthew Shalzi
Victoria Udonidian
Angela Willetts

Nicolas Grenier

Aschely Cone
Michelle Mantua
James Scheuren
Skowhegan 2016
Wesserunsett Lake