You’re Every Song I Ever Sing (Work In Progress)
Single to multi channel video installation
Approximately 40 minutes
Installation dimension variable

This experimental documentary uses interview transcriptions to create theatrical re-enactments of the life stories of older generations. By casting against (or on the diagonal from) the race, gender, sexual orientation and age of the bodies of the original storyteller, our sense of the identity and perspective of the storyteller shifts. As culturally constructed, our identities are mobile tho often perceived as more or less stable. How does age function as an element of our identities? What does it mean to say that the young can only imagine what it to be old and the elderly can only remember the days of their youth? As separatist movements, discrimination against difference, and the idea of border control further progress in our world, this piece reimagines the possibilities of identifying with “others” by abstracting the representation of identity and experimenting with the possibilities of dis-identifying with ourselves.