Love in the Time of True Blue
Three-channel video installation with text
51 minutes 59 seconds
Installation dimension variable

The artist conducts an experiment termed “closeness-generating procedure,” a psychological procedure developed in 90’s to cultivate intimacy between two strangers. The procedure is performed by two strangers, in this case one of them being the artist, answering 36 questions that are designed to increase intimacy. Ten participants are sourced from various platforms including street flyers, word of mouth, and Craig’s list. Audio of the answers are juxtaposed with video of strange movements performed by the participants. The movements reveal themselves as an exercise routine the artist’s grandmother has been performing for the last half century. The videos are presented alongside a series of printed texts and short stories. The stories explore the artist’s grandmother’s failed marriage and her dedication to this particular exercise program in pursuit of the reclamation of a self; these stories are then intertwined with other parallel stories. This speculative documentary meditates on the notion of ideology, culture, and love.